Get it right the first time

GenNext provides end to end PLM solution and it is our
core strength with 900+ man-months of experience.
We offer following services...


Don't be shy to ask the experts

We provide consulting services for plethora of problems faced by MNCs to cottage industries and OEMS to suppler firms of various domains. We provide consulting for problems related to engineering and corporate data management, business process alignment and implementation.
We also cater for data flow and establishing communication channels between different business units, sectors, systems, groups, people or any resource and last but not least we provide consulting for IT infrastructure enhancements. We have experts for doing the same who possess industrial experience and knowledge of best practices followed across sectors and different business domains.


Leave no compliance unfollowed

We provide auditing services especially in IT domain. We have experts with thorough knowledge of IT standards and best practices followed globally. This enables us to audit the coding standards followed and we provide suggestions which thereby improves the quality and performance of an IT system.
we also make sure that it does not violate any corporate or government regulations. We also audit the IT infrastructure network established and see if it violates any standards or regulations.


Start the building with blocks

We are authorized partners of Siemens for selling of PLM and CAD products. We are also authorized partners for undertaking PLM implementation projects. We have achieved acumen when it comes to OOTB Out of the Box) PLM and CAD implementation. When it comes to implementation we offer:

  • Setting up Client and server configurations for Teamcenter PLM Tool
  • Setting up the Business model (Both foundation and custom)
  • Installing CAD and TC tools on all clients
  • Setting up CAD - TC integrations and configurations (We provide CAD integration service for all CAD tools viz Catia NO , Creo , AutoCAD , etc)
  • Setting up organizational structure and workflows for part release , change management and various other business processes
  • Installing and configuring various other TC modules depending on the customer's need
  • Providing PLM integration with downstream ERP tools like SAP
  • Multisite PLM installation and configuration for all the above
  • Configuration/Customization

    Tailoring a perfect fit for your business

    We have team of developers and testers for CAD and PLM customization. PLM and native tools are developed considering the general business practices followed globally based out of standards and considering vital needs of various communities of engineering, management, manufacturing, etc.

    These tools get continuously evolved based on customer inputs, however many a times it may not cater to the unique need arising from a particular client. Many customers have their own unique business process model where PLM tool may not have features necessary to address the needs arising out of that uniqueness.

    This is where we pitch in and customize the tool for the client thereby eliminating the possibility of discarding all the benefits the tool has to offer just because of the lack of that unique feature. We customize the tool after thorough understanding of the client's needs within short span of time. We also keep the custom features or module scalable for potential future change of events


    Sharing all that you should know and ought to know

    We provide eloquent training for the following:

  • PLM/Teamcenter All modules)
  • CAD (Creo , NX , Catial
  • We provide university level training as well and the syllabus that we cover is specially tuned keeping in mind the maturity and grasping level of 3rd and 4th year students. Download Syllabus


    The real game starts here

    We provide IT support services post implementation. We also provide IT support for BOM/MBOM management, CAD data management, Periodic Data migration activities, L2/L3 level application support with strict adherence to SLAB and process defined by customer.

    We provide application maintenance services and deliver enhancements, automation scripts and integration services as and when needed

    Engineering Services

    Making your life easy

    We provide CAD services for:

  • Building 3D models
  • Creating part catalogues
  • Releasing drawings
  • Creating 2D views
  • and much more depending on the demand and need of the customer.